To go alone to the desert, this lessens the scary things out there. Now, you can seating in those Bedouin tents have a barbecue while staring the vast sky of the desert that probably by the time you be there will just be illuminated with the millionsof stars in heaven. The fun never ends if you were going to have a ride on those camel's back and touch them with your hands.

Imagine going on a roller coaster ride over golden dunes in the desert. This popular off-road adventure takes you through some of the most dramatic terrain in the UAE. You will be guided through the desert and shown the beauty of it from different angles.

We will pick you up in the afternoon and head towards the desert. In between the dune bashing you have an opportunity to visit a camel farm. You will be shown the treasures of the desert while driving on the dunes.

Once we arrive at the desert camp, you are able to ride a camel, give sand skiing a go and try out traditional Emirati costumes. You can get some beautiful sunset photos before enjoying an Arabic BBQ in the cooling evening under the desert sky. In addition to this, there is some other exciting programme waiting for you at the camp which you will see, once you arrive! After the safari you will be dropped off at your location.

– Camel Farm & Sun set photo.
– Camel Riding & Sand Ski.
– Arabic B B Q.
– Traditional Costumes.

traditional costumes

traditional costumes
Overnight Safari :

The overnight safari has the same programme as the desert safari (above), followed by staying in the camp site overnight. Breakfast is served in the morning. Sleeping bags are provided in the campsite. We will make a fire in the evening and you can enjoy the night by the fire in good company! In the morning you can witness the beautiful desert sunrise and take some unique photos. The campsite has shower and toilet facilities.
– Same Desert Safari & B B Q PROGRAM.
– Include overnight in camps site.
– Followed by breakfast, Sleeping bage will be Provide.

Night Trip :

The night trip is a desert experience in the dark. We will drive on the dunes, stop for camping and a barbecue dinner. Tents and sleeping bags will be provided. A specific programme can be tailored according to your wishes.

– Night Driving.
– Camping.
– B B Q dinner.

night trip

Liwa Trip :

On a day trip to Liwa, the UAE's first capital, you can explore the desert and oases of Liwa Desert. Liwa has the highest sand dunes in the UAE. The stunning dunes rising up more than 300 metres will definitely impress you! During the day you will see different types of sand and witness the beauty of true desert environment including the bedouin tents in the desert. It is possible to stay in Liwa overnight, if you wish to make it a complete desert experience.

– Oases of Liwa Desert.
– Sand dunes up to more than 300m.
– Different types of sand.
– Bedouin tents in the desert.

abu dhabi liwa trip

Hatta ( Wadi Washing ) :

On a day trip to Hatta, we will drive through the rugged mountains to reach one of the natural pools in a wadi. You can swim in the refreshing pools and do a bit of walking in the valley. We will show you the Hatta Heritage Village where you can see the old fort, an old village in the oasis and visit a gift shop. During the day you can see different types of rock in the nature. A passport is required on this trip as the Wadi is situated on the Oman side of Hatta.

– Drive through the rugged mountains to reach one of the natural pools. Where you can enjoy a swim.
Where you can enjoy a swim.
– Walking in the Valley.
– Hatta Heritage Village.
– Different types of rock.


If you didn't find what you were looking for, there are other programs and surprises waiting for you! Contact us for more details.