Water Sports
Price : AED 180.00
Product Code : WS
Choose from different option of safari

a. Jet ski
Get an extreme ride at our high powered Jet ski that will make your adrenaline rush. Drive an hour or more in an open water area and you have a lot of fun with the speed and view around.

b. Fishing
Throw your line into the water and relax as you wait for the next catch of fish. This is an activity that can be enjoyed at the same time be a relaxing past time or as competitive event. Travel from the Mina area to the open sea, along the coastline. Enjoy the stunning view of the fishing sea.

c. Sea tour
Take a 1 hour or more boat ride and speed up along the Abu Dhabi coast. Be mesmerized with the beauty of the vity and its structural building such as the Emirates Palace, Etihad Tower and Corniche. The City is very aquatic but diving around one does not see much of it and a boat rise is just a way to see another side of the city.

d. Dhow Cruise
Enoy a cruise along the magnificent Dubai City. Savor our delicious range of International Buffet Dinner that would delight the whole family. Be refreshed with our welcome drinks and be entertained by our graceful and mesmerizing Belly dancing show while doing a cruise for 2 hours.

Pickup Type

Banana Boat 20 minutes 2 pax, Diving Training, Fishing 4 hours 1-5 pax, Jet ski 1 hour 1-2 pax, Sea tour 1 hour 1- 5 pax, Towable 20 minutes 1 pax, Wake board 20 minutes 2 pax, Water ski 20 minutes 2 pax, Yacht 2 hour 1-10 pax, Yacht 2 hour 12- 25 pax